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Originally Posted by Hugo Böse View Post
Israel uses sexual blackmail to control Western politicians
From your link:

The large cache of videos and images found at Epstein’s residences, as well as the recording devices throughout them, makes it clear that Epstein was running a high-level compromat operation. The entire purpose was to capture incriminating evidence of prominent people performing illegal and embarrassing acts so they could later be blackmailed and controlled.
Yes, that seems about right.

Here's more about this from Ann Coulter:

Ann Coulter Thinks Epstein Had a “State Sponsor” & Was Running a “Blackmailing” Operation

“Something much bigger is behind this”

Paul Joseph Watson | - July 9, 2019

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter says that sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had a “state sponsor” backing him and that his operation was a way to blackmail powerful men.

During an appearance on 790 KABC, Coulter suggested that Epstein is merely the front man for a far more powerful network.

“Epstein according to both the girls accounts, he wanted them to have sex with powerful men, come back to him and report on it, describe what they wanted what their fetishes were and he had cameras throughout the house so this is obviously for blackmailing purposes,” said Coulter.

“It just seems to me something much bigger is behind this — perhaps a state sponsor — powerful enough people … it just seems to me there’s something a very powerful force behind what’s going on here and I am still nervous about this not coming to a conclusion, somehow this getting compromised,” she added.

State sponsor? Which state? I think we all know the answer...