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Originally Posted by steven clark
finally saw my first episode of Commander in Chief. I was impressed with Geena Davis's acting, and Donald Sutherland makes a good villain, but it's the standard 'serious' tv drama. And yes, there's a lot of blacks. This episode had a Katrina-like hurricane situation. Davis's chief advisor is black, the governor of Florida is hispanic female, a head of a greenpeace like movement is black, and when a secret service agent screws up and lets the President's daughter sneak off and get caught in a street brawl, the white female agent is replaced with a...yep, black female. Also in the street brawl (in D.C.), everyone is white and too clean-cut...not like the street types I saw in darkeytown. They really must have a commissar in casting. As for the drama, it's kind of dull. I prefer fantasy to any 'serious' tv drama. Give me Xena or la femme Nikita anyday.

Yeah, and the kids go to a public school in D.C. and it's mostly White. LOL!