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Explain integration?!?!
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I don't think cutting out T.V. Altogether is a good thing. The reasons why are thus:
1, Once you realize exactly how much jew garbage ideals are peddled through television, there's no way that you can watch tv and be "subconsciously programmed" so there's no longer a threat.
2, Since you now know what to look for and how to read between the lines, T.V. becomes a totally different experience. You're now empowered to see it for what it is.
3, Keeping up with T.V. at a basic level, knowing what you know now, You're keeping your finger on the pulse of Jew activities... and aren't caught with your pants down at any time. You get to see how 'news' is spun, what's covered, what's not, how shows are written, and you're better able to explain to the unknowing, unenlightened citizens the unfathomable extent and reach of jew garbage that's jammed down the throats of the masses via television. I actually think its a bad idea to stop watching T.V. and movies altogether.... But I'm usually too busy to watch the shit anyway.