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Originally Posted by ClearMinded
3, Keeping up with T.V. at a basic level, knowing what you know now, You're keeping your finger on the pulse of Jew activities... and aren't caught with your pants down at any time. You get to see how 'news' is spun, what's covered, what's not, how shows are written, and you're better able to explain to the unknowing, unenlightened citizens the unfathomable extent and reach of jew garbage that's jammed down the throats of the masses via television. I........
If you think that merely knowing the Jews control TV inures you to the negative effects of watching it, then you arent yet understanding the subtlety and amazing power that modern television programming has on the subconsious. There is quite a bit of "implicit" cognitive activity that goes on in your brain other than whatever the immediate focus of attention is, and tv imagery continues to effect this whether you may know it or not. For every one message you can detect, and disarm, the TV is slipping in five or six memes, ideas, or images, that will sink into your grey matter past your explicit defenses.

Understand? If you want to keep up with the system's official pronouncements, better to listen to NPR and get your news off a feed like yahoo. Less control over your subconscious going on there.