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Let me expand on that thought about implicit "learning" of Jewish memes. This is subconscious intellectual poison that you won't detect, it will slip by your defenses, and make you weak at times you can't foresee.

Weak-- what do I mean by that?

In the "life of a racist" there are a thousand interactions-- social situations-- where you need to tread carefully. You are obliged, morally, not to aid and abet Jew stereotypes--- as much as possible. You are also obliged to "pick your battles" and not stub your toe and trip on every small hurdle. Those ends must be balanced.

Same time, one day you may be publically called upon to defend our beliefs in some way. For that moment, you will need courage. Not physical courage, but what my friend White Will calls "moral courage." You will need emotional strength and resources to hold the line against subtle pressures. Will you buckle, cave, or "go crabwise in the clutch" as Linder says? Some of that-- some amount maybe small, or maybe large, but some amount, will depend on whether and to what extent you have dejewified your life and cleansed your subconscious mind of the filth and detritus of Jewish programming and responses overlearned to counteract the healthy intuitive sense of race that we all have. You need to prepare yourself for the moment of truth-- and TV runs counter to that end.

Unplug your TV!