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I just watched a documentary on the History channel, or the Hitler channel, on white organizations starting from GLR .his placard was eye catching). Then on to WLP. The WPP, The Aryan nation, and KKK. All were given limited soundbites, but never given a wider scope other than to depict as dangerous, followed with the exorcist sound bites ,in a dark resolution ….On the other side of the Jew-coin, the innocent by-standard oppositions, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, Calvary trumpet, melody music, and a high resolution, with an added Orwellian jewspeak..... I must admit, I was taken in a bit. But then, I have to remind myself that in those older evil racist days, society was much more in tune with the universe, as oppose today's chaotic and an open border diversity society, that one day, a nuke may slip in, and we then go BOOMM!!!!!!! asta la vista baby....

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