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Originally Posted by Kind Lampshade Maker
Well, they both ran a parallel form of a plan economy. Didn't they?
Germany was in a state of war from the onset of 20th century with Riussia, France and England. No doubt the government expanded economically and militarily .Now, if the Reich had prevailed, would they have shrunk the government? Maybe, governments in Europe for sure and the Reich,main capital, the protectorate of Europe. This is how it is in Washington DC in reverse; for the past three decades it has expanded governmental and militarily, given up the sorvignity to rule the world at the behest of Israel, the true capital” over the stupid goyim.

Yeah, sometime I feel like I’m 100 years old. Anyhow, on occasion, I dust off some old news magazine I have in my collection.

Example; 1982 when the communist were showing sign of collapse, the article here TIME reads that the communist regime is flawed because the government is too big. The bureaucracy interferes with free market society, corruption, corporate kickbacks, abuse of power and on and on it goes…..Here we are today; the kikes are applying the same judeo communist misrule across the Atlantic

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