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Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes
Stalin ran a command economy, and Hitler's was mixed...
Perhaps a better choice of words would have been "near identicle social systems". Primarily, both societies attempted to eradicate individualism. The Marxist model was much less successful, in accomplishing this. Those living under National Socialism were, as a percentage of the population, convinced that the benefit of society as a whole was to take priority. With the exception of a few Antis, there were no phony posts thus, very few civil servants who took their positions with the intention of leaning back behind their desks with their feet up and their hands clasped behind their heads until retirement.
German industrialists couldn't close plants to simply outsource their production, back then. They had to tow the party line or else suffer the consequences of confiscation. In other words, making a profit didn't take a forefront, anymore. Companies who were foreign owned had it lighter. They had existing plants in their home countries to keep things going for them. Ford Motor Company chose to remain in Germany, because of Henry Ford's political conviction which enabled him to manufacture in Germany without making a profit, if not, suffering financial losses.
I don't want to get this far off-topic. I would gladly have it out with you on an appropriate thread. I simply want to say that in my opinion, A free market economy doesn't exist on this planet, with the possible exception of places like Dubai. As soon as taxation is levied, a free market economy starts becoming a plan economy