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Boy, those CU folks got their panties all in a bind. lol

They will have to ship nigs in cause it is a rich white town. Of course, they have a growing population of illegal spics. But that still canít be part of the diversity pool since illegals still are not allowed to attend the college. But ya can bet there is a lib jew commie lobby there working that issue day and night. The local rag pushes the social engineering, always editorials on this 'damn lack of diversity here in hip happening Boulder'.

They had a high school teacher there in Boulder that actually adopted an illegal spic hopes that this would legalize him enough where he could attend a USA college who had offered him a baseball scholarship. He lost it once they found out he was an illegal.

Last time I was down that way, town had a juden shop on one of their main drags that flew the Isreali flag. It was a disgusting site indeed. It immediately told me who had the power in that little burg nestled
in the 'shadow of the flat irons'.
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