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Diversity' has a variety of meanings

by Letter to the Editor

The big buzzword around campus is now "diversity." Diversity this, diversity that. "Diversity" is on the lips of every administrator and faculty member, it seems.

But what exactly is diversity? Does diversity mean simply getting more non-Caucasian people to attend Ohio University, at the possible expense of lowering the university's arguably already low academic and other standards?

Where does diversity of ideas come into play? Does it even come into play at all? Can a wet-behind-the-ears freshman speak up in a sociology or political science class and give his or her opinion without wondering if what is said will be ridiculed by classmates or shot down by the professor?

My opinion, and feel free to disagree with me if you wish, is that there are many classrooms and lecture halls where open discussion of topics is encouraged, as long as the general consensus jibes with the professor's political or social views.

Is being discriminated against or taunted because of one's beliefs different from being discriminated against or taunted because of one's skin color or background?

Both race and system of belief are parts of what makes every one of us unique. No two people believe exactly the same thing - just as no two people are exactly the same tone of skin.

Diversity comes from within, as well as without. Neglecting to address this inescapable fact will not accomplish a truly diverse campus culture, but one where we are judged by our outside differences, instead of our inner similarities.