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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
stupidity can really be dangerous, even in a university. Better keep quiet.
Stupidity means blacks. Blacks are dangerous. These subhuman vermin, these low-grade morons, these NIGGERS (that's exactly what they are, and how they behave) don't like freedom, civilization, intelligence. It's all about "DON'T YOU BE DISSIN ME." Say the word "niggardly" (definition here)? Discuss the problems of the black community in a straightforward and factual manner? Don't dare to! These homegrown Hutus, crying "offensiveness," will sharpen their machetes on your skull, with all the righteousness of a barbarian slaughtering a rival tribesmember.

You can have blacks, or you can have a civil society. You can't have both.

As Thomas Jefferson observed, "These two races [black and white], equally free, cannot live in the same government." The entire history of America, including its downward curve over the past 40 years, confirms it. Go walk through a "no-go" area if you doubt it.

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