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Greg Gerdes
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Greg Gerdes

BTW Roberta, could you please tell us how the Germans reduced the bodies of 250,000 greasy jews to "pure bone ashes?"

I know it's been alleged that the Germans had "bone crushing machines," but I didn't know they had "bone ashing machines."

Oh wait, they must have reduced all those jews to "pure bone ash" with "plugs," right? Here it is folks, jews being forced to turn their fellow grease spots into "pure bone ashes" and "tooth meal:"

Which one of those layers in those photos is comprised of "teeth meal" anyway Roberta?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

You are priceless Retardo.

Simply priceless.

BTW Roberta, In what months issue of "SKEPTIC" magazine are we going to see your submittal?