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Roberto Muehlenkamp

By the way, Gerdes, I just noticed another shifting of the goalposts.

Previously the applicant had the choice between SKEPTIC and ARCHAEOLOGY magazine, and you made a big bloody fuss concerning that magazine (emphases added):

And since the Archaeology Institute of America has explicitly endorsed the veracity of the official version of the holocaust / pure extermination centers and the authenticity of these alleged archeological investigations / findings, ARCHAEOLOGY MAGAZINE (published by said institute) should be more than willing to publish the results of any scientific investigation that claims to have proven that these asinine pure extermination center legends have been forensically proven to be a fact. Therefore, one can also lay claim to THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM reward by having said claims / results published in ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine.
NOTE: The above Archaeology Magazine article / link concerning Chelmno contains the following quote: “’It’s one thing to hear about the crematory, it’s another to stand inside an enormous pit that is filled with human bones,’ says Krzysztof Gorczycae.’” An enormous pit that is filled with human bones? Really? Then why are there no photographs that prove it? There are fourteen photographs accompanying this article, yet not one that shows this alleged enormous pit! Isn’t it odd that a magazine article intended to verify this archeological investigation doesn’t include any
legitimate photographic proof of this allegedly proven holocaust within the holocaust? Why is it that it only includes irrelevant photographs and REVERENT NONSENSE about the trash that’s being dug out of an old refuse pit? The only thing that this deluding article gives us is a fraudulent, maliciously fabricated and emotionally charged mental image (i.e. – a cognitive illusion) of an alleged “enormous pit that is filled with human bones.” And if Chelmno isn’t just another holohoax within the holohoax, then why does Juliet Golden, the jewish author of this spurious ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine article, refuse to accept THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM?
Now the only reference to ARCHAEOLOGY magazine, unless my search engine missed something, is this:

ALSO NOTE: If “SKEPTIC” magazine rejects your submittal, NAFCASH TM MAY grant you a second opportunity at becoming a reward applicant via Archaeology Magazine.
Apart from your having removed your mouthing-off about ARCHAEOLOGY magazine, you are no longer giving the applicant the choice between publishing in SKEPTIC magazine and publishing in ARCHAEOLOGY magazine. Now SKEPTIC magazine must be the applicant’s first choice for publication, and if SKEPTIC magazine rejects the applicant’s submittal, then NAFCASH may (or may not) accept publication in Archaeology Magazine instead.

Thanks for showing once more what a miserable coward you are, Mr. Gerdes.

And please tell us, what was it that made you get cold feet regarding ARCHAEOLOGY magazine?

Did Mrs. Golden accept the NAFCASH challenge and announce that she would submit evidence about the exact location and exact contents of a Chelmno mass grave as well the amount of human remains contained therein?

Or did you just decide that it was better not to take chances that she or someone else might do that?

Of course if you removed Chelmno and the howling about ARCHAEOLOGY magazine you also had to remove Belzec, otherwise it would have been too obvious what and who you are afraid of.

Or then someone let you know that a court of law might consider Prof. Kola’s Belzec report sufficient proof to meet your challenge requirements.

Or then it was both.