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Greg Gerdes

Originally Posted by Gerdes

Muehlenkamp hints that Shermer is a faggot!


"Don’t make such a fuss, Gerdes... If Shermer has a sense of humor, he’ll just chuckle about my remark."

Do you think he'll also "just chuckle about your remark" that you made in topix post #796?


Is it for the same reason you didn't bring up Shermer alleged investigations?


"What would that reason be, Gerdes? I don’t think much of Shermer as a researcher, as I have told you."

Yes Roberta, no one does, as I told you in my reply of post #797. You remember that post, don't you Robert? Of course you do, because you censored my reply in post 797 by cowardly reporting it to the cowardly moderator at topix and it was deleted.


"By the way, Gerdes, I just noticed another shifting of the goalposts."

Only a jew would call my simplifying and clarifying, at the jews own insistence, as "shifting the goalposts."


"you are no longer giving the applicant the choice between publishing in SKEPTIC magazine and publishing in ARCHAEOLOGY magazine. Now SKEPTIC magazine must be the applicant’s first choice for publication, and if SKEPTIC magazine rejects the applicant’s submittal, then NAFCASH may (or may not) accept publication in Archaeology Magazine instead."

Just for you Roberta. Of course your failure to notice sooner further illustrates what a retard you are.

And of course, since there is no conceivable reason why Shermer / "SKEPTIC" magazine wouldn't publish legitimate proof, there's nothing for you to be worried about, now it there Retardo?

Thank you Roberta.


"Did Mrs. Golden accept the NAFCASH challenge and announce that she would submit evidence about the exact location and exact contents of a Chelmno mass grave as well the amount of human remains contained therein?"

If jew-lie Golden wants to accept THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE the way it was previously, which included Chelmno and Archaeology Magazine, I, and all twenty supporters will make any and all special accommodations for such an announcement. We will bend over backwards to make sure it happens. We will set up a new challenge independent of THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE, just for her. Just like we modified the FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE just to make it easier for you retardo.

In fact, nafcash challenges jew-lie golden and ARCHAEOLOGY magazine to accept a Chelmno / Archaeology Magazine challenge. Perhaps you and your fellow funny boy freaks over at HC (Hysterical and Cowardly HIV Contagious Homosexual Creeps espousing Holocaust Claptrap and other Historical Canards) can help nafcash make it happen. After all, you do want to help stop holocaust denial - don't you retardo?

Thank you Roberta.

You are priceless.

BTW Roberta, just how much "human remains contained therein" have been located at Chelmno?