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Originally Posted by General_Lee View Post
This is amazing. It's like watching a big trillion dollar pile of other peoples' money burn.

If it goes much below 7500 -- particularly if it closes below that point, you'll begin to hear a lot of people using the "D" word.
Money doesn't burn. Money isn't destroyed.

It simply trickles up, up, up, out of the hands of the lower middle, middle middle, upper middle, lower upper, and middle upper classes, straight into the hands of the world's wealthiest families.

Just like the gas price scare of this past summer, hundreds of billions of dollars are being taken from ordinary people and being handed over to the world's wealthiest families.

Jews, mostly. Just look at who runs all the central banks and major banking institutions.

The world is being robbed as we speak. The entire world. By @ 15-20 families.