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Originally Posted by notmenomore View Post
Worse, the Republicans - unlike the Democrats - have mendaciously pretended, in ever-so-subtle tones, to be about furthering a "White agenda" when in fact all they have ever furthered was a completely non-White Zionist agenda.

The problem for Whites is that the Republican Party, flush with its latest defeat, will emerge all the stronger as a once and future Trojan Horse: co-opting at every turn true proponents of White interests and falsely insinuating itself as holding true (a lie!) to its "conservative" roots - roots that implicitly respect (hah!) "family Values", etc. [Lying]Code words for "White Interests".
Exactly. The faileocons and even racialists like TOQ are drama queens. What leads them astray is they actually buy the exoteric neocon propaganda that something went dramatically wrong in this election, hence the need for big changes. In fact, apart from the matter of jobs and other "spoils," it was a non-event. And the GOP confirmed that it can get white votes by winking. So if they change at all, they will redouble their efforts with spics, who seem to be much more demanding than dittohead whites.