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Originally Posted by Bev View Post
Great post, Solskeniskyn. Yes, the relationship began when she was 14. (It may be before that, but 14 is the age when fellow pupils flagged it.) Photos of her from that time show borderline pubescent, which is enough for a definition of paedo as per Wiki. The exact definition is 13 and under although it adds a note that this also can depend on whether the child is pubescent or not.
Ok, great. Very straightforward. If Hadding wants to refute what is stated as fact here: that she was 14-years old when the relationship began, one expects him to point it out to clarify the discussion. If on the other hand the rejection regards whether or not the relationship with a 14-year qualifies as pedophilia, or the notion that the photo showed a 'borderline pubescent', or even what he passively thinks should be the legal age, he should make that clear. But if it's the latter, he shouldn't be bringing up the fact that she is 15, soon to be 16, that it's 'barely' illegal, that it would be legal in France, and so on, when he knows full well the legal discussion regards what took place when she was 14-year old, because then he is clearly, for some reason, engaging in dishonest and very suspect argumentation.

I don't despise him; (though after the way he's been talking to me and other posters, he ain't top of my Xmas card list) I don't even know him. I wasn't even aware of him other than as a VNN username until he decided to start bickering because I doubted the Steel is insane theory.
Ok. Yeah, it is pretty clear from the responses that he doesn't have much to gain from these exchanges... So even if he think he has some kind of self-righteous point to prove that he's not managing to get across, that he's right and that he's being unfairly treated, there comes a point where you have to look yourself in the mirror and say: hey, 99% of my compatriots at VNNF, who usually respect me, says I'm coming across as a lying pedo-appeaser/alt. pedo myself, and that I'm destroying my rep, maybe it's time to call it quits and choose an eventual other topic to bitch about the exact defintions of terms, or pick a fight with Bev(if that is what he's doing)?