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Originally Posted by Mike Mazzone of Palatine View Post
Did you know that Howard Stern is the first -- and still the only -- mega-celebrity to publicly and repeatedly take an appropriately outraged, uncompromising, zero-tolerance stand against the sexual mutilation of children and babies? And he is Jewish!

Compare his attitude to the attidute of those who call themselves "white nationalists" who insist that genital mutilation is not criminal, nor should it even be discussed.

There is a ton of concrete proof and men have been restoring thier foreskin for as long as they (mostly Jews) have been mutilating male genitalia in this manner.
Believe it or not, there are many male high school graduates in America who don't even know what a foreskin is, or that anyone actually has skin covering the head of their penis.
I posted an anti-circum thread on Stormfront. Most people were against this barbaric mutilation