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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
15 April 2017

Jesus Didn't Exist
You don't need to be saved. No one can die for your sins any more than he can make you stronger by lifting weights for you. Try Richard Carrier's book, The Historicity of Jesus, for insight into the milieu in which the christian superstition developed. Essentially, everything christians claim is a lie.
And don't get the audible version, as the footnotes are invaluable for understanding.

Best when coupled with Carrier's other book, 'Proving History: Bayes Theorem and the Quest for a Historical Jesus'.

Bayes Theorem is a method to test probabilities under conditions of uncertainty, looking for a solution to the problem of establishing reliable historical criteria.

This same theorem is used to test any unknown, and if it can't pass the test, it is invalid.

Christians go nuts when you point out the importance of what a scholar really is-and is not, and why Bayes Theorem is the method with which to judge the Jesus story.

Going to a theological seminary makes you only good at repeating King James passages verbatim. Good for you, Rover, but you are not a peer reviewed scholar.

Carrier's 'On the Historicity' is if I'm not mistaken the only peer reviewed work of it's kind, so it's pretty remarkable and was a couple decades in the making-including translating docs in Ancient Greek, Latin, German, and French, and he has a Doctorate in Ancient History from Columbia University. He is also trained in paleography, papyrology, etc.

I don't believe Kirk Cameron or Ray Comfort can do, well...any of that. But they had a 'personal experience' that we should rely on.

Carrier's work has been very outrageously overlooked, as well as the fact that Carrier has been attacked personally in very vicious ways, including bogus sex charges from a consensual relationship that went south. There are people within the Atheist community quite jealous of Carrier-even though they, too, are quite brilliant, like Michael Shermer.

One interesting thing to note on Jesus:
Jews for Jesus vs. Jews for Judaism.

The latter is a group formed to keep da Jews away from the Christians who want to make them 'completed Jews'-there is a group called 'Jews for Jesus' and they are the horror of Jewish families everywhere.

So, interestingly--they want to save their own kids from Xtianity, because they recognize it's destructive to them racially.
Yet they do not approach the Jesus myth theory.

They speak about things such as Jesus' 'fringe' garment the woman with the issue of blood was trying to touch. This proves Jesus a Jew, as that is a Jewish prayer garment.

And if Jesus was a Jew, he was a 'heretic' among Jews, if one studies Torah they will see he does not fit the Messiah narrative. So they prove this quite well, and promote the idea he was a Jew cult leader.

So I thought about this and thought, 'Why do they not want to admit he didn't exist?'

Answer: I think three reasons:
1. To keep Whitey following Jesus, you don't admit he never lived
2. Xtians would not send money to Israel to 'complete' the Jews
3. They'd have to admit much of the Old Testament (torah) and other stories are bullshit, and they'd be called out on several things:

1. Moses is not a historical figure. That's right.
2. Israel is not their 'homeland'--Israel is the name of a person.
3. Their 'homeland' in Torah is described as being non-desert, so it ain't where they put themselves and are killing all those Palestinians.
4. There was no 40 years in the Desert. Exodus is bs.

And so on. This could go on for pages, but people should really take an interest when they see football stadiums filled with bawling White people who believe what they're doing is totally normal.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

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