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Originally Posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
What the hell kinda death rope is that? The body looks huge like a constrictor, but the head is triangular like a viper....
As Alex says, it's an eastern diamondback, the largest in both length and girth of the pit vipers in the US. They're most commonly found in southern Georgia and northern Florida.

About a year or so ago I saw a pic in my daily rag where an animal control officer in a suburb of Jacksonville, Fl. (I live in the central part of the state, where pygmie rattlers and water moccasins abound like rats in a ghetto) had bagged what at first glance looked to be an 8-9' python. Upon reading the article, however, I come to find that it was indeed an eastern diamondback.

btw -- snakes not only have lousy eyesight, they're deaf as well. Ever see a snake wearing earmuffs or headphones?
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