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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
That was a dumb fucking thing to do. You wouldn't get away with that with a rattler. Corals snakes are fairly mild, and they have to pretty much chew away a little bit to get their venom in you; the big snakes just jab you like a crazed junkie. But coral snake venom is a different type of venom, and more powerful.

Tell the truth, you could probably just pick the coral snake up. They're not super excitable. That's still a very bad idea. But when you grab at any snake, it's going to freak, thinking you're a bird going to eat it. These are not things to play with, go look at some shots of people who DIDN'T die from venom - they often still have fucked up appendages. That stuff is digestion stage 1. It's like melting your arm with a flame. You may not burn to death, but your skin and flesh isn't going back to normal ever again.
It's often the same with spider venom. I saw a documentary some years back featuring women who'd lost fingers to spider bites: hideous stumps. And sometimes it's not a one-time-amputation, get-on-with-your-life thing, either: they were gradually losing ever more flesh & bone, necessitating numerous re-stumpings. They wept - not just about what they'd lost, but in terror of what they they were likely still to lose....

I've been bitten by what - based on the wound - I think must've been a Brown Recluse; it took about 9 scary months for that bastard to heal....
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