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Originally Posted by Sam Emerson View Post
In the 20s they were all inflating paper money using central bank tricks. Fiat money was already established when the disasters you blame on gold took place.
The US dollar was pegged to the gold standard until 1933, correct me if I'm wrong.

People will blame the USA leaving the gold-standard on Jews (yeah right, they have gold and silver in their names for a reason). It wasn't just the USA that had the gold standard and left it though. The British pound in the early 30's also ditched gold because the Pound was under non-stop economic terrorist attack from speculators (mostly Jews, but also some non-Jews) and being manipulated by hoarders, and this is in spite of the fact that Britain could just dig it out whenever they felt like it in their colonies. Jew-free nations like Japan and Italy also were on the gold standard into the 30's, and also abandoned it. What a surprise that the countries hardest hit by the depression were the ones that connected their currency to gold, even France had to ditch it.

That's a different problem. One that a fiat money standard hasn't solved, I mention in passing.
So tell me Sam, what happens when the country is doing well economically in terms of production and trade, but you run out of gold? What happens when you look for gold, or silver, or whatever commodity you want to base your currency on, and either can't find any or it depletes? You really think changing a national currency overnight will be as casual and easy as you think? What happens when some gold/silver/commodity monopoly starts hoarding the gold in vaults to cause an artificial shortage and rake in the big bucks? Should half the population starve and the national economy collapse because some De Beers type asshole feels like it? Because guess what, in a purely profit-driven system, there is a huge incentive to do that.

Price controls.

Double facepalm.

Is there any discredited crackpot economic theory you don't believe?
I don't understand what you believe in. Do you believe economic anarchism will be able to actually function in a nation with hundreds of millions of citizens like Alex does?

The difference between me and you and Alex is that I would love to live under the system I believe in, through the good and see the bad as tolerable. Meanwhile, you're probably doing OK because you happen to have a skill in demand or have otherwise stable employment this very moment, so you want economic anarchism.

However, if I were to teleport you and your family to potato blight Ireland or among the millions of people who "disappeared" (starved to death) in Great Depression America, you'd be on your knees begging for government to save you. Oh, but wait, both of those eras were experimenting with Laissez Faire and the system waited patiently as people needlessly starved, looking at their watches waiting for the Invisible Hand to come and save everyone. So not only would you be starving to death, but you would watch food rot in front of your eyes, while your politicians and businessmen tell you simply giving it to your family would upset the market. The type of capitalism you think you want is as insane and destructive as Bolshevism.

The Murray's and Friedman's want Laissez Faire for the same exact reason the Trotsky's and Luxembourgs wanted Bolshevism.

Fiat money is the method they used to get trillions in debt.
The Third Reich had what Judeo-capitalists like Murray Rothbard would deem "fiat money", yet how come they had less debt than France with their gold Franc?

The only reason the gold standard was used was because Britain, Belgium, and France thought it would give them an advantage, thanks to their colonies. Yet Kikes and Kike-alikes in the city of London and Wall Street were fucking with all of their currencies and retarding their economies, while Germany with its 'discredited' price controls, "taboo" government spending, and breaking the Reichsmark away from the gold standard went from poorest country in Europe to the wealthiest.

Under a commodity standard they would have been cut off in 1941 at the latest.
From a personal perspective that would've been great. I hope America one day goes back to the gold standard so the Judaic global empire can collapse. However, from an economic perspective, for a nation with unlimited natural resources, large population, and industrial potential like the United States to have ceased to a halt because of the gold standard defies logic.

The only reason the system broke from Laissez Faire and the gold standard in America is A) indeed it's slightly easier to control currency via the Fed B) The current US government would not survive the rage of its citizens suffering through a 'slight contraction' IE depression bust. Imagine what chaos would inhabit today's kwa if suddenly the government benefits of 100 million people (many of them niggers and muds, but actually majority whites) and people started feeling hunger pangs. Not that I agree with 100 million people, many of whom are healthy and able bodied, living off the government, but no invisible hand would be able to reintegrate the millions of unemployed into the work force at living wages.
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