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When you're a member of the same tribe that controls the money, and the banks, you can afford the luxury of blowing some potential profits to push a political agenda.

And it's not just mass media corporations, but a lot of the commercials (((they))) put on TV to advertise for a number of corporations are pushing cultural Marxism.


There is lots, lots more of this. Commercials like what's shown are actually the norm.

I've seen a lot more oil driller commercials here lately, as in White man + sheboon.

Also, this:

TL;DR for the above video is: White kids are bad, stupid, and irresponsible, but nigger youth and parents are intelligent and responsible. Even though the facts prove that the opposite is true. Although Subaru is a Japanese company, I'm willing to bet that they probably hired jewish marketing consultants who recommended the above commercial be aired. Jews love using commercials to attack stereotypes that are logical, and based on reality by showcasing what's atypical of the norm, while trying to sell it off as the norm.
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