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Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post
Of course, these comments are pretty much worthless since the shallow, greedy, opportunistic, buffoonish Trump changes his mind every five minutes.
Agreed. Trump had his chance to prove he wasn't a cuck by turning away spic asylum seekers at the border. In fact, he's had multiple opportunities to prove exactly how tough he really is on immigration. Whereas Giuseppe Conte proved how tough he was on immigration at the very first opportunity that arose.

But WN-lites think that talking tough about doing something on immigration is just as good as actually following through on your rhetoric.

Trump "Look at how tough I am on the border!"

The WN-lite: "YEAAAAAAH!!! GO TRUMP! TRUMP 2020!!"

The realist (me and many others): Trump is a cuck who doesn't back up his talk with action.
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