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The despicable human traffickers / rapeugee enablers in Axel Steier's crooked NGO Mission Lifeline are at it again, and they're disobeying the orders of the Italian coast guard:

This part is especially interesting:

The Netherlands denied responsibility for the boat. "They have a Dutch flag, but they are not registered in the Netherlands, and therefore are not under Dutch state flag responsibility," Dutch Foreign Ministry spokesman Lennart Wegewijs said.

Pretending to be from another country, hiding behind other people's flags... Hmm... Which ethnic group does this remind you of?

According to Italian media, the rapeugee invasion ship Lifeline will dock in Malta, and its despicable crew will be detained and investigated by the Maltese authorities for violating international law. (These crooks refused to follow the Italian coast guard's orders, and they supposedly lied about being registered as a Dutch ship.) The rapeugees that were on board are going to be distributed between Italy, Spain, France, Germany and several other countries.

Here's a CNN article about this matter:

Migrant rescue ship Lifeline to dock in Malta after being stranded for five days in the Mediterranean

A search-and-rescue ship stranded in the Mediterranean since Friday with 233 migrants on board will finally dock in Malta, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said.
In a statement, Conte said that Italy would host some of the migrants and called on other countries to "do the same."

Italy, Malta, France and Portugal have already confirmed their participation, according to a spokesman for the Maltese government. The spokesman added that Spain and the Netherlands were evaluating the situation and that Germany could yet participate.
European governments have wrangled for days over who has responsibility for migrants arriving on the continent's southern shores, as conditions on board the ship began to deteriorate.

The issue is particularly sensitive in Germany where Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing a rebellion over her welcoming immigration policies, which is threatening to bring her 13-year rule to an end.

The Maltese prime minister has blamed the deadlock on the ship's captain, who allegedly ignored instructions from the Italian authorities. The Maltese government repeated that accusation in the statement published Tuesday, which promised "investigations and possible action taken in regards to the MV Lifeline."
Salvini has also indicated his intention to seize the vessel if it docks in Italy. On Monday, he seemed to expand on that threat. Speaking during a visit to Libya, Salvini said, "No matter where it will dock, I think this ship should be seized and the crew arrested."

Earlier, Italian authorities allowed 108 people rescued by the Danish cargo ship Alexander Maersk to disembark in Sicily after a four-day standoff.

It remains unclear why the Alexander Maersk was allowed to dock in an Italian port while access was still being denied to the NGO ship.

Of course, it was wrong of Italy to agree to accept some of these rapeugees, but this is nevertheless seen as a victory in Italy because by turning away Aquarius (one of the previous rapeugee invasion ships), and by refusing to let Lifeline dock in Italy, Salvini has put a spotlight on the third-world boat invasion; he has shown that the "humanitarian" organizations that bring rapeugees to Europe are run by crooks who violate international law, and he has publicly called out the globalist jew demon George Soros for financing the invasion.

Salvini has also shown that it's possible to stand up to the despicable bigwigs of the Jewropean Jewnion. I don't know if our readers know this, but Italy's previous four prime ministers were non-elected, anti-Italian jew-lackeys who blindly followed the orders of the EU bloodsuckers, thereby hurting and humiliating the Italian people that they (falsely) claimed to represent.

Now it looks like the music has changed because after so many years, Italy finally has a government that was elected by the people, and the people are sick and tired of being bled dry by the Jewropean Jewnion, and assaulted and raped by third-world savages.

Salvini and his coalition partners in the Five Star Movement know this very well, so they have gone to EU summits with a steadfast determination to fight for the interests of the Italian people (unlike the previous non-elected Italian prime ministers who shamefully prostrated themselves before the jew globalists), and they have even managed to make the "mighty" Hagela Merkel backtrack in order to accommodate some of Italy's (fully reasonable) demands.

It's probably too early to tell if this will lead to anything concrete and meaningful, or if the Salvini Di Maio government will eventually cuck out, like so many other politicians in the West. The pressure that international jewry is putting on Italy is enormous.

And yes, I realize that few people will have the time and energy to read this long post. Sorry, folks. I know how annoying long posts can be.