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Anti Defamation Commission

Promoting Diversity

The ADC is Australia's premier civil rights organisation that works to ensure a safe and fair society for Australians of all faiths and cultures, by combatting antisemitism and bigotry in all its forms.

They have wormed their way into Australian society the same way as here.

Abramovich has received criticism from a number of sources for his stances in various publications, such as the AJDS, New Matilda, and Galus Australis. The main criticism is that he has become a mouthpiece for Israeli government positions and he is using his platform at the Anti-Defamation Commission to push back against anti-Zionist sentiment, rather than focusing on racism and bigotry.
Do you think Dvir promotes diversity for Israel?
Degeneracy is disguised as freedom.

Tyranny is disguised as compassion.