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Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes View Post
I saw a PBS item on Reconstruction, and yes, if you can read between the lines they still put on some good programs. It's a net minus for us however, because we have a specialized education in detecting Jewish tricks which the overwhelming majority of people do not have.

But, make no mistake: even a White Nationalist can be "conditioned" in Jewish ways by watching TV. You need to STOP WATCHING THIS to regain your control over your own brain. There are subtle cues and visual and linguistic tactics employed by the Jews in crafting advertising and other programming which conditions your UNCONSCIOUS regardless of how you may "resist" with your consciousness. You MUST stop watching TV as a habit and either get rid of it entirely or make it the exception not the rule.
This was true in my case. I didn't wake up until I got rid of cable and cut my viewing down to less than 30 minutes a week. Once I was free of continuous jewish propaganda the truth I'd been reading online was able to sink in. On the rare occasions when I see more than a few minutes of cable television the heavy anti-white propaganda disgusts me.