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Originally Posted by monamontgomery View Post
Larry got scared and went to the police.
Again, Fairfax did not go to the "police" when to to a FBI special agent that just happened ...

Scared of what? Of the Edgar Steele in the mug shot? Fairfax is a big fat guy who day job (when he is not working as a hit man) is manual labor. Did he think Steele was going to add him to the list of people he wanted dead if he did not kill his wife? That Steele has also had a list of hit-men that he would send to pay Fairfax a visit?

Why would Fairfax not just say: "Mr Steele, I just can't go through with the killings. To be honest I rigged the car bombs not to go off. And on top of that I still lost the bomb and don't know where it is at. I'm just not cut out for this type of work. I will return your $10,000 in silver coins. Sorry, I just not the killer I thought I was." Fairfax could have even made up a lie, like, "I think wife knows something, it best I just get out of the picture before she starts talking to your wife" or "the shit has hit the fan at my house, my wife thinks I'm having an affair and won't let me out of her sight."

No, the stupid low IQ fat slob went to the FBI and led them and told him Steele was planing to kill wife and mother-in-law. He led the FBI dangerously close to murder attempt in which he was the murder. See, that is something to be scared about. Anybody with any sense would avoid the FBI like the plague and would do nothing to draw attention to himself after a failed murder attempt.

And if you think about, "a loving husband and father" such a Fairfax, likely would have told his wife what he had done and that he was going to the nearest FBI special agent because he feared for his life."

And if Fairfax was scared of Steele why was he trying to rip Steele off his $10,000 in silver coins by building disabled bombs.