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Default Sorry for the of consciousness

I would suggest that everyone copies this report and keeps a copy in your car at all times. Just in case you talk to someone who might be receptive to the racial truth.

I'm stopping at the library today and making a copy. All day long all the media does is yap about "white supremacism" and all the other bullshit white hating garbage about words, language, things and events that never take place by Whites.

It's all made up fantasy shit about what Whites could do, might do, are thinking about or talking about doing while all the real violent savage crimes committed by blacks is totally ignored as a demographic phenomenon.

Here is proof positive that non Whites, mostly niggers commit across the board most violent crimes.

Niggers = violence. Period.

Last night down in Atlanta, at an apartment complex on the much touted Beltline, niggers broke into 76 parked cars leaving a disaster scene of shattered glass windows, battered cars, and stolen items. One night's worth of crime. In one area in one apartment complex.

There is now nowhere safe to park your car on the street anywhere in the Atlanta area. The suburbs are still somewhat safer as most cars are in carports or garages.

Lately, every single day across the Atlanta area niggers are committing crimes and shooting each other and their victims. I have never seen such a continuous daily barrage of shootings here as I've seen lately. Shootings in public places in daytime are getting to be de rigueur.

I live almost 50 miles from the city of Atlanta and up until recently we have had little violent nigger crime. Our county was the Whitest county in metro Atlanta 30 years ago, but it's been targeted for takeover by jews, spics, and niggers so the clock is now ticking...

Just a mile from my home, about 2 weeks ago, a nigger sat in the parking lot of an O'Reilly's auto store waiting for the female employee to return to the inside of the store after helping a customer out to the store. The nigger followed her back inside demanding she open the cash drawer.

A retired deputy was working in the backroom at the time and came out to help his coworker. The nigger shot him dead as he was going for his gun. The nigger is still on the run, identity unknown.

The female identified him as a black male--no description of the getaway car--but WSB radio never once identified the killer as a nigger. They kept saying there was no good description of the suspect but every single article online from a variety of sources identified the suspect as a black male.

WSB Radio is the single most White hating, dishonest media entity in the Atlanta area. It's clear that every single on air employee is bound to their White hating agenda, voluntarily or otherwise. I imagine it's somewhere in their contract.

Every morning all they do is give the litany of nigger crimes the night before and in the next breath talk about how dangerous White men are.

I can't take on WSB radio alone and there are no informed intelligent Whites to help me. But if any media entity needed confronting for their lies it's WSB radio...under the auspices of Cox Media.

Nigger violence is now in the White suburbs and will only get worse. Make your plans NOW to move somewhere safe in the next year or so.
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

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