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Default What Virginia is now is what California was in the 60s

Originally Posted by bedford View Post
Yeah, I just saw the story today about the elimination of Lee-Jackson day.
The SPLC used the Dylan Roof church shootings to press hard to remove
these confederate holidays, statues and street names. I read that since
2015 114 confederate monuments have been removed. It is sickening to
me that these commie jews who don't even belong in America to begin
with are defaming white history. Dylan Roof posed in a photo with a
confederate flag and so by jew logic this is the fault of dead confederate
Look at it from this angle. In the summer of 2016 a nigger member of BLM
shot and killed 5 white police officers in Dallas. He was motivated by the
ideology of the BLM. So the (((media))) gave this minimal coverage, did
not emphasize the obvious link to the BLM, and I see nobody trying to eliminate
any black symbols or sue the BLM.
Only White people are gullible enough to allow other races to eliminate symbols of their heritage. When nonwhites, especially moe ham heads, have committed mass shootings here, no one called for mosques or mlk statues to be torn down-gun control laws were the order of the day then. Behind anything anti-White, whether it is gun laws or eliminating Confederate heritage, look for the (((tribe))).