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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
Your personal experience with White women must have been better than mine. I would like to believe they are not all a lost cause and don't deserve to get fucked by niggers because of their own stupidity and White males failing to control their women. Personally, my experiences follow bedford's and Frank Toliver's more closely. But now that I am older and haven't been in the dating/mating game for many years, there isn't much I as one man can do about this situation and just go MGTOW for the rest of my life.
Honestly, I think it's a general nigger lover phenomenon rather than a female one. Look at how this male dummy started behaving because he was more offended by a Trump hat than the nigger itself was.

I can tell everyone about the fairly recent time I went out to eat. The waitress was friendly and flirty with me and I noticed when she had to serve a black male several tables over she was rightfully disgusted and not enthusiastic at all. There are sane women out there. Thank God.

When you notice proper behavior like that then go ahead and reinforce it with even something as simple as a smile or small talk. On the contrary, if you see improper behavior like the library whore then make sure she knows how repugnent you find it. They'll notice and be ashamed, speaking from experience. The enemy has it's massive media and entertainment machine but we have legions of boots-on-the-ground so make use of them.
To deny the "holocaust" is to affirm the truth.

An anti-Semite is any person the jews hate.