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Originally Posted by YANKEE_JIM View Post
More detailed video here:

YouTube - Aftermath

Damn jews are pretty good at riling the niggers up...always have been!

Thanks, Jim. I don't recall viewing that video. 2 minutes in, I'm seen in the right front passenger seat of the two-toned station wagon. Jerry Hatcher, a close friend and long time Nazi, was driving.

Ha. That big bad, loud mouth nigger buck, Nelson Johnson, shown AFTER the shoot-out, hid under a pickup, when the Klan was there. And he lied about being stabbed. Our side had guns and clubs - no knives.

After leaving the scene, we stopped and bought coupla 6-packs, then laughed our asses off listening to news reports on the radio. We dropped off Nazi Melano Caudle and his son-in-law (forgot his name) in Winston-Salem enroute back to Raleigh. Several Nazis from the shoot-out were at Melano's house, including Jack Fowler who said: "I shot one in the head and one in the foot." He'd shot bolshevik kike leader, Paul Bermanzohn of Jew York City, who was on the critical list for days, but survived.

Our "fearless" leader, Harold Covington, who declined going to Greensboro that day, was hiding out at my cousin, Bill Allen's rural home, 5 miles south of Raleigh, watching the blow-by-blow on TV, scared shitless he might be somehow implicated, though of course, he never was.
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