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Originally Posted by THamilton
....... misogyny is improperly understood by moderns. The sort of hatred we know was foreign to the Greeks; an all-consuming, passionate hatred of "Woman" would have struck them as quite insane, the moreso as their society precluded the basis for such hatred. This misein should be understood as "dislike", or aversion. So when I say misogyny, I mean - as the Greeks probably did - simply disliking women. On the other hand, you can be sure that the rough-minded Dorians, and even their sober Athenian descendants, also loved their women in measure, but they never let them into the forum—literally.
Hmmm you make a good point there. Always you can pique my interest with your knowledge of the ancients.

Let me start from a few simple observations that I think many will share. Like many if not most here, I am 100% in favor of excluding women from the franchise. Then again I am in favor of restricting the franchise down to almost nil. lol.

Other than my wife and mother and daughter, or those involved in my work one way or another, I dont really care to talk to women. These women, who obviously I do talk to quite a bit, and love and appreciate very highly, understand this of me and they seem quite content with it. Generally, these women all know about this forum and never come here because they're not the sort of women who poke their nose into politics. Not unless they have to, and then it's clearly distasteful to them. And that suits me fine as well.

The idea of excluding women has much to commend it, but I dont think it's feasible for any number of reasons, starting with the usual problem of verification of personal information.

For now I dont have a problem with our regular female members. I dont think we have very many and the ones we do, I like to think of as more Spartan stock if you will, who can tumble in the gymnasium a bit themselves-- even if they would never survive the agoge.