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Default Acrylic Impastos (2008)

There's a story behind this shit. I lost ALL these paintings in Helsinki, Finland, last year because I followed my heart several months after meeting a Finnish female on an NSM forum. It went all hunky-dory on MSN Messenger (she sent me cool pics of herself before she let herself go to pot) for ten months then I upped and offed from South Africa, shipped EVERTHING I OWNED across to Finland, and do you know what I found when I got there? A sack 'o whale turd! All my art equipment and my paintings got auctioned off because of the astronomical warehouse storage prices these fucking Finns were charging me. Applied for a visa in Helsinki to get to America and got slammed, reason? Potential immigrant. Talk about the NWO? I've seen and lived it man! So I ducked Finland and worked for the circuses in Britain. That was fun! Until I had a barney with my boss and got sacked heh-heh. Today I'm back in South Africa. And the moral of this story? BEWARE OF INTERNET LOVE! There are con-artistes out there! Fuck that, I'd only do the same thing over again if it was The Ghost - The REAL Ghost - of Irma Grese. A good strong white woman. Slobs and misfits masquerading as National Socialists would be lined up against the wall and shot if this were my world.