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Default Uh... so damn broke ah gotta paint on scrap cardboard...

BUT SO DAMN WHAT!? Process: the artist will often take shit and try transform it into soul-fertiliser and why? Because art is part-alchemy, part-magic, part-exorcism, part-response to the human condition... in this life everything is beautiful - even the dark, sordid and ugly itself. There is no day without night, no heaven without hell and heaven and hell is RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! You choose. Like ol' Nietzsche said, think BEYOND good and evil, step OUT of that loop of fake morality, or Hegelian trap - set yourself free. But not like a stoopid damn libbie! That's why liberals are morons, and The School of Liberalism, an oxymoron... it's a TRAP - a SNARE! - for brainwashed Useful Idiots and Useful Eaters. Ditto KON-servatism. And this is why our mortal enemies, the elitists, cling to what they have at - OUR racial expense! They're not stupid, else they wouldn't be elitists innit? But they ARE selfish. And corrupt. And more than anything else, debauched, hiding behind their authoritarian masks. It is up to us ordinary racial mortals to topple these swine! Trip 'em up! Send 'em six feet under damn!

Once we slice the LOX off loxism, we are left with only -ism, the State of Is. And that's how it should be. Beyond good and evil, Jesus and the Pope and the elitists and and... they poisoned us with ethical dualism. So that we would OBEY! Like good little white slaves. Hah! Fuck that. That's what The Telescreen is busy doing, indoctrinating the naive, the innocent, the gullible, the uninitiated and the unenlightened.

There's an old saying that goes something to the effect of that the human face says EVERYTHING about that person. All the information is there, staring right at you. What you see is what you get. Madelaine Albright? Richard Perle? Henry "Kiss-my-ass"? Dick Cheney? 'ol Dubya? Obongo? Eh-heh 'ol Gordon BRAUN... Tony BLAAR... LOXISM is POISON! And the LOXIST MUST drink his own poison! That's why they all look like what they are, to even the somewhat perceptive... and what do they look like, the whole bloody lot of them? Dead fish IMHO!