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I wouldn't expect any decent White person to want to take part in a rally where some illiterate ninny kept raising a noose saying "next time" "next time".

Next time what??? Empty threats only look ridiculous.

This is not the way to go about trying to garner support from the White public. If I hadn't driven five hours to get to the last one, where I observed this silliness, I wouldn't have been swayed to get involved either.

I observed a number of White males standing back observing the goings on, and I suspect at least a few of them came to see if it was something they could get behind and support and were very dismayed at what they saw.

Don't get me wrong: Linder was good.

But you all think you know so goddamn much about doing rallies and protests, yet 99% of you all here won't even come out to one, so just keep being the armchair directors you obviously enjoy being. Okay?

I actually ran a large organization here in the Atlanta area and planned and carried out successful rallies and protests which actually garnered public interest and support as well as media attention.

But, again, I'm just a woman, so whatever I say is discounted by 98% of you imbeciles.

Hey, what the fuck do I care in the long run anyway? I'm not leaving behind any children to live in this fucked up country and I'm not young enough that I'll have to live in this fucked up country myself for decades to come.

Stay at home where you're safe. Bitch on the internet like a bunch of pussies. Keep posting one redundant thread after another about what we ought to do. lol

Knock yourselves out cowards.

But just remember, these two White couples had just been thrown into a maelstorm through no fault of their own, and not only that, they never saw it coming. They had just lost their daughter and son in the most horrific way imaginable and were most likely completely numb emotionally.

But, should any of you here actually know any real White men, would you have them get in touch with me?

Thanks much.
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.