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alex revision

The Jewish propaganda surrounding the Holocaust is best left to comic book writers

The Holocaust lobby may get the gullible and political sycophants to jump through their hoops, but the scholarly revisionists don't jump through loops for anyone

The revisionist scholars are like a cool wind, slowly toppling the Jewish house of cards and exposing their lies

The light of truth will eventually expose the Jewish propaganda surrounding the Holocaust, despite the terrorism, censorship, threats, hatred, and laws of the Holocaust-enforcing Thought Police

The propaganda surrounding Auschwitz is like a sinking ship

How many people in foreign countries must be jailed - and how many people must be terrorized and persecuted by the Holocaust-enforcing Thought Police - before the average people recognize the Jewish propaganda?

The Holocaust Museum - a Jewish museum funded at non-Jewish tax payers' expense

Never forget - the Jewish propaganda with which you've been indoctrinated