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Strategy For Revolution

by Joseph Tommasi

On March 2nd, 1974, forty-three National Socialist Revolutionaries met in a hall in El Monte, California. At the meeting the National Socialists declared their lack of faith in the losing strategy of the mass movement idea. The National Socialists abandoned the mass strategy and adopted the revolutionary concept of the guerrilla underground.

* No longer would we think in terms of obtaining political power through the electorate; but instead, of hurting the Enemy through force and violence. We would build the armed struggle.

* We would no longer adhere to a mass strategy but would instead cultivate those already committed to the National Socialists World View. We have limited ourselves to only the best among Movement people.

* We have abandoned petty bourgeois, bureaucratic hang-ups and have developed the idea that the end justifies the means. What works is good!

* We recognize that women have played a vanguard role in most revolutionary efforts and involve them in every aspect of NSLF.

* We recognize the fact that the masses of Whites will never rally around radical politics. White people no longer have the ability to even recognize the enemy, so how could Movement adherents think the masses could ever involve themselves in revolution? The White masses don't recognize their enemies, they don't even care, and they don't have the guts to shed their bourgeois hang-ups.

* We view armed struggle as the only effective means of forcing political change.

The White Man has lost! We are an occupied people in our own land who must now develop a totally different outlook on revolution.

We must build the underground. We are making it an effective, hard-hitting National Socialist Revolutionary Army.

We have already begun to launch armed assaults against the Enemy. More assaults will continue, whether the Enemy be the Right Wing Reactionaries, the System, or the Communists.

National Socialist Ideological and Political training, additional training in guerrilla warfare, explosives and demolition, military assault weapons and gas warfare, along with electronic communications and electronic surveillance techniques are taking place. Classes in first aid, police evasion, techniques of being a P.O.W. and escape are also taking place.

The NSLF is divided into combat units. A combat unit consists of three liberation fighters and a unit leader. No one combat unit knows who constitutes another combat unit.

An NSLF combat unit member is trained as an efficient guerrilla fighter dedicated to destroying the Enemy, no matter who that enemy may be. On the surface he has no uniform. He could be the bearded long-hair sitting next to you on the bus, or the clean-cut store clerk. He could be anyone anywhere.

The NSLF has the best elements gathered together from the past twenty years of National Socialist activity in the United States. It has gathered experienced communications experts, military firearms experts, along with the finest liberation fighters available. Each member understands the new concept, the new strategy and tactics needed in order to effect political change.

No longer willing to play the games of Movement bureaucracies or associating with bald-headed idiots who have no concept of realities, the NSLF will undoubtedly emerge the vanguard fighters in the National Socialist Revolution!
Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.