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Originally Posted by Breanna View Post
Is there anything in existence that you know of (either written literature or any internet resource) that combines aspects of pro-white ideology with content for women who are traditionalist, pro-motherhood, and anti-feminist? And most especially something that is from a woman's perspective and is aimed towards women? Usually I find I am picking and choosing from different things. For example one thing might be pro-white but have feminist sympathies, or is pro-white and anti-feminist but is meant for men (like VNN), another may be for traditionalist women but is Christian and thus non-racial, etc.
There really isn't. But I just saw this today, maybe it has something.

Yeah, right now, good stuff for girls and women has to be cobbled. It's similar to homeschooling. Pick up bits here and there and combine them. I know there is one speech Goebbels made to a women's meeting, that has stuff. I'll copy that in here. Then there are the exemplary lives of individual women who stood against the System, as the mothers who tried to keep us out of WWII and were jailed for sedition. But to the extent there is solid personal advice or alt-ways of looking at things, they are mostly christian religious.

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