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The politics of Grindr: Greens to advertise on gay hook-up app

And down under politicians are using the app to hook-up with the sodomites to get the 'pink seat'.

  • A Melbourne Greens candidate is sending targeted messages on Grindr
  • Geo-located ads promote events & gay policies to the 'rainbow community'
  • Targeting Grindr users in Prahran electorate - known as the 'pink seat'
  • Grindr is a smartphone app to facilitate casual sex for gay men
  • Candidate Sam Hibbins' first message is an invitation to a popular gay bar to meet with himself and Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young
  • Hibbins expects other parties will use the same strategy this election
  • Comes after comedian Josh Thomas introduced north Queensland MP Bob Katter to Grindr on ABC show Q&A
  • Thomas took Katter to task on his aversion to gay issues in politics
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