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Funny thing is , more and more people sympathise with the idea in Star Wars . .

'The Force' is now a growing religion in the U.K. . . . .

And I think there might be something to it. .

To quote an old post of mine . .
I for one believe there to be a universal 'force' , indeed ..

Some kind of energy field comparable to a kind of 'universal intelligence' which penetrates the whole universe , a kind of universal thought ..

This 'universal thought' is steering things , which is why many people talk about 'It is fate' when things happen .. This 'universal intelligence' wants certain things to happen ..

The universe is filled with this force steering things just like an aquarium is filled with water and causes fish to swim ..

That 'universal intelligence' is often procalimed as 'god' ..

Actually I do not think this force just penetrates the universe , I think it is the universe ....
Lucas himself once said ( concerning the Star Wars universe ) . . "Star Wars is set in a far more advanced world . . Compared to now . .I think on a scale with a possibilty of maybe 1000 we may have reached 5 yet . . . . . ."

Who knows what the future brings . .