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Originally Posted by John Smithwick View Post
I wouldn't really define myself as a Taoist at all either, more of a nationalist, plain and simple.

Like a Jew, I support my own nation and people, first.

As for 'God' and 'uncanny experiences':

Alan Watts Why Is It So Hard

And then if you want to get carried away with things, you can listen to Tom Campbell trying to solve the hard consciousness problem (and he does get carried away eventually - although he blankets everything by saying his model is metaphor/allegory):

MSc Physics - Systems Engineer (former NASA scientist) Tom Campbell on the Hard Consciousness Problem

(In 15 words or less: he says it's all a supercomuter-hologram, and there's some God operating within it.)

Many physicists say the same (at least about the hologram part):

Leonard Susskind on The World As Hologram
You want to be able to tell a kid something other than "it's all BS" or "go look at the Bible and join a church if you're interested" ... and those five "gurus" I mentioned basically (as well as a few scientists) satisfy all my questions. I just wish it could be condensed into a small book/new bible for our people lol.

Let me close by saying I'm not going to go into the difference between an uncanny experience that convinces one this is a panentheist reality (aka there is some kind of God/Larger Consciousness System) vs pantheist (aka atheistic), as that's up to the interpretation of the individual.
Hologram guy is Jewish. Or one of 'em is, Susskind--a Jew from the Bronx. His parents were going to make him be a plumber, that was the fambly bidniss. He told 'em no thanks.

He's a good theoretical physicist re string theory, though he and Hawking have had many a wrestling match regarding black holes. Susskind ended up being correct. Hawking believed that the material that falls into black holes disappears forever. One of the main principles of quantum mechanics is that information can never be destroyed completely. Turns out the info that falls into black holes is preserved somehow.

I'm not qualified to comment on the hologram with gawd in it thing, must look into it. Hope it's bullshit cuz it sounds weird. I don't want to have to reject yet another gawd, it's tiresome. It's called 'Panathesim'--the rejection of many fake shitty gods.

Not that it would shock me to find we are living in a hologram that the Wonderful Wizard of Oz is operating from within, but that's almost as creepy as a man being sent here to be murdered for my goof ups, which really don't stack up to such a dramatic, torturous death...and Xtians believe, lets not forget, that if only one of us were living and had to be saved by the 'sacrifice' of Jesus (a concept not central to early Christ Insanity, interestingly, since it is central to it today), Jesus would've died that same horrid death.

On it's face, that is all one should have to say to prove it's ridiculous. Imagine that the cult got so big, and we are still having to refute this tooth fairly level stupidity. The errors in Genesis alone should have one closing up the book with a 'good grief' and finding another.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

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