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Originally Posted by Rasen View Post
Says the person labeling me a jew only because we share different points of view on very complicated and contradict issue.
Could you link to the post in which I called you a jew?

The person who gets irritated like a mad little girl when he sees other people views:
I don't get "irritated like a mad little girl", but yes, I have given you negative reputation points for your constant lies, insults and trolling. It's somewhat amusing that you feel the need to take a screenshot of it and post it in this thread. It clearly bothers you that you have a red bar under your screen name, so that everyone can see that you're an anti-white troll.

Yeah, Stew, repeat it again to convince yourself in your delusions and try to bring more IQ80 imbeciles to support you in this thread. When I answer with photos and videos on your speculative articles,
I've addressed this several times, but you ignore my replies, like a typical troll.

you start whining "go out from my sandbox".
For the record, I have never asked the moderators to ban you. You're obviously an annoying troll, but I understand that this is a free speech forum where anybody can post.

I still hope you're Stu but not Sue?
Yeah, it's hilarious how you and your ideological brother Erel25 question VNN posters' masculinity. And very original too. I don't think it's ever been done before in the history of the internet. And it's also hilarious (and perfectly normal) how you and Erel25 constantly talk about fags, rectums, asses, etc.

Normal woman with a rainbow flag?
In Romance countries, the rainbow flag is mainly a peace flag that's often displayed by ordinary citizens who protest against wars. It was a common sight in Italy when a large amount of people protested against the deranged jew-lackey George W. Bush's zionist wars against Pissrael's enemies.

There have been several designs for a peace flag. (...) The most common recent design is a rainbow flag representing peace, first used in Italy at a peace march in 1961. The flag was inspired by similar multi-coloured flags used in demonstrations against nuclear weapons.

The actual rainbow colors in the PACE flag (Italian for 'peace')

Again, I don't know whether or not this 73-year-old woman who was assaulted by jew-lackey Macron's police goons is a lesbian, but to assume that she is homosexual simply because she displayed a peace flag is wrong, in my opinion.

Or maybe this Yellow vest fag Antoine Boudinet is a normal straight woman for ya?
Ah, yes. Post some pictures of one yellow vest protester who may or may not be a homosexual, and boom! You have established that the entire yellow vest movement is an LGBT movement that was started by homosexual activists who were upset with Macron for not giving LGBT people enough "rights". Good job, Raisin. I guess we should all stop supporting these protesters and cheer on the jew-controlled, thuggish police as they assault, blind and maim them.