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Originally Posted by Skinhead Zack View Post
In Sweden too. not all of them are Iranians but they are all sand negroes.

Sinan - Stockholm City
Sweden is now commonly being referred to as 'Swedistan' . .

Oh and by the way . . The guy who I have linked to in the video ( "Ro-Cee" ) is an "Iranian-Swede" . .

You see, it's a rap video. you know I'm a fan of patriotic, White Eastern European hip-hop. and this is disgusting. there is also a Palestinian flag in the video.
These guys apparently hate the country they're in. they're the false Swedes.
No problem . . . I know of Hip Hop's Aryan roots . . . I've made threads about it . . .

The art of rhythmic rhyming was originally something deeply rooted in Aryan culture ( and done by Aryans throughout time , from the antiquity to Heathen Times ( "flyting" ) to the "Square Dancing" of the Old West . . .) but the muds hijacked it . . I might add , they didn't hijack it "for good" . . .

They mostly rhyme about violence . .