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Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
Boers, you're welcome in North Dakota anytime. Bring your farming skills and your big White families. Fuck the niggers, you can start out by using our welfare system in place of the beaners and niggers who currently use it but don't share our biological ties as you do, it's much better spent on you. Then get grants to grow your own farms.

Make America White Again, via the Boers.

Just an idea.
My wife and I are all for making America White again and the S. African Whites are the way to start. They should be brought to this country now and given immediate citizenship with all of its rights and privileges such as voting. Divert the welfare system fro the niggers and other shit skins and give it to the Boers. In one year these hard working Whites will be off it and contributing to our White society. Fuck the niggers, chinks, spics, sand niggers and all other non-whites. They're useless. Give to the White S. Africans who will make this country stronger, greater, and White again