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Originally Posted by Rasen View Post
By Stewart Meadows - December 17, 2016
I would just like to point out that I'm not the person who wrote that text, as "Rasen" falsely claims. This thread is just a small part of his smear campaign against me, which has been going on for several years.

I have no idea why this nutjob is obsessed with me, but for some reason he follows me around on VNN and shows up in my threads to attack me and lie about me, he mentions my name in threads that I've never posted in, he leaves unwanted messages on my profile page, and he promotes an obscure blog, "The truth about Serbia", that's run by crooks who have stolen my identity.

I suspect that "Rasen" is one of the people behind that blog because he links to it in his signature and copies texts from it and pastes them into his VNN threads (just like he has done here in "Serbian atrocities against Hungarians").

(The people who run "The truth about Serbia" took a couple of my VNN posts and put them on their blog to make it look legit, but the vast majority of the texts that appear there were written by somebody else, although they falsely signed them with my name.)

All the stuff that "Rasen" has been doing here violates VNN's rules since Alex Linder has said that users aren't allowed to smear their fellow members and lie about them, but for some reason "Rasen" has gotten away with it for several years.