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Explosives found at Bosnian Muslim arrest

June 6, 2011 – 7:01 am

Explosives, bomb activation mechanisms, military equipment and Arabic-language Jihad literature was uncovered at the home of the arrested Bosnian Muslim extremist leader in the city of Brcko.

The arrested Bosnian Muslim, Adnan Recica, held 4 kilos of TNT explosives, 300 grams of plastic explosives and Motorola-branded explosive activation devices inside his home.

Recica was arrested on Sunday during a raid on his house. The authorities have also found a drug laboratory inside his home.

“We found the capacity for making drugs and explosives. The action was done after a prolonged planning,” an unnamed arresting official was quoted as saying by the Bosnian Muslim media outlet Dnevni Avaz.

Western media often claims that the Bosnian Muslims are non-radical and allegedly moderate. Many members of al-Qaeda have had war experience inside the Bosnian Muslim military during the 1990s war.

Recica’s neighbors have told the media that they are shocked.

Photo: Bosnian Muslim Wahabis during their social gathering.

Note: Brcko was a northern Bosnain Serb city which NATO gave to the muslims.
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