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Default Bill Clinton Heads to Greece

Bill Clinton Heads to Greece this Weekend to Promote “The Hellenic Initiative”


ATHENS – Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will be in Greece this weekend to promote “The Hellenic Initiative,” an initiative organized by Greeks of the Diaspora that aims to help Greece overcome the current crisis. The program aims to raise $100 million to help Greek charities struggling during the country’s economic crisis and in its second phase to attract investments and improve Greece’s image abroad.
Hellenic Initiative leaders, include Chicago money manager John Calamos, Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris and Washington attorney George Stamas. The group wants to use donations to help Greece make structural reforms including improving tax collections to raise revenues in a culture of rampant tax evasion, and promote foreign investment, but its primary mission is to help charities it said have a record for accountability and transparency in a country where corruption is rife.
Hellenic Initiative is a non-profit organization which aims at improving the quality of life of the Greek people during the crisis, the organizers said. They added, “We will focus on administering help to Greek families for medical treatment and social welfare and to organizations that fight poverty. “Time is pressing, that is why we are immediately starting the humanistic campaign for Greece,” it said in a statement.

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