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Default New Bomb Attack on GD Offices

Despite the terrorist attack, more than 1000 Golden Dawners protested against State-sponsored terrorism.

The target of this attack was our office in Piraeus, Athens's biggest port. And it was a reckless, unprecedented attack, that put in risk lives of many innocents. A strong explosive device was detonated on the offices that are located in a building that also houses tuition centers, apartments and other offices. The explosion happened yesterday (13/02), on 21.30! When the explosion happened, the building still had people inside, and in fact, two floors down, children were studying. Fortunately, the fire was put down quickly, before it reached the other apartments on the same floor and there were no injuries.

Despite the nature of this attack, that put the lives of people unrelated to our Movement in danger, the Regime and the Parties of the Parliament still haven't condemned this attack! Just like they didn't condemned the attack on Whitetower, just like they never condemned the plethora of other attacks against the Social Nationalist Movement. And we can safely say that they will never condemn the attacks they themselves organize and support