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Wahhabis growing threat

S. MIŠLJENOVIĆ | 20 February 2013. 20:52 | Comments: 7

Radical Islamists in Bosnia enhancing activities and spread religious hatred, experts in the fight against terrorism

BANjALUKA - members and leaders of the Wahhabis in Bosnia enhance their media appearances and radical message. So, after Bilal Hussein Bosnic, one of the leaders of the Wahhabi community in Bosnia, urged that the Serbs and Croats bring tribute, the right is another gathering of Wahhabism.

The next meeting is scheduled by Wahhabi leader in Tuzla for 25 February. It appears the main leaders of the Wahhabis in Bosnia, Nusret Imamovic from Upper Maoče and Bilal Bosnic. They will hold a public hearing "Perfection Shariah - deleterious effects of democracy."

Such activities in BiH are very dangerous to the constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to experts in the fight against terrorism and they warned that security agencies in BiH must react.

Dzevad Galijasevic, an expert in counter-terrorism, said the "news" that the last Wahhabi activities and announcements of new sets a clear message that they want to be part of political life in BiH

- So far we have seen that the Wahhabis to send messages in BiH. Now we have a message that they are in Bosnia, and they want to tailor the organization of BiH by the model. Wahhabi community in BiH definitely, unfortunately, becomes part of political life - says Galijašević.

He goes to them for their objective great support and logistics provided by the Party of Democratic Action.

- Whenever the SDA this is the party of the late Alija Izetbegovic, a muslim criminal who the Americans supported and encouraged to start war in Bosnia in 1992 when he rejected the Carrington–Cutileiro Plan on the advice of Zimmermann has a problem on the political scene in the Federation, but also at the state level, it increases the activity of the Wahhabis - Galijašević said.

According to him, it is interesting that the Wahhabis have decided to hold a rally in Tuzla.

- Members of Wahhabi movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina have so far held meetings in small towns. Now they have decided on Tuzla, which is one of the major cities in Bosnia. This is another proof that the Wahhabis definitely want to send a stronger political message - added Galijašević.

It can be seen from previous posts Wahabi Galijašević says, that they have definitely accepted the political concept of Turkey, as a reference to the Turkish way of tribute in history.

- The solution to the problem of radical Wahhabi action would be actions of security agencies. Such action by the various radical Wahhabi message and sets the action unconstitutional and it is a criminal offense. Now, if the security agencies operating in Bosnia under the law, and they must act to prevent such actions Wahhabis - Galijašević says.

In the RS MUP "News" said that the fight against terrorism is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Interior and to monitor gatherings and spread Wahhabi religious hatred. you have muslim terrorists sitting in the bosnian govt.

- RS police for years, investing in the human and technical resources against terrorism and radicals - say the RS Ministry of Interior


You create a whole grivance industry based on lies about these beasts being victims of genocide, you send the men who were protecting the people from them of to the hague, then you turn around and complain about 'islamic terrorists and wahhabis in Bosnia'.
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